Lidl Nevadent Cordless

Seeing the good results offered by the Irrigators and the success they have among consumers, the German supermarket Lidl has also brought one to market. It is the Nevadent Dental Irrigator, whose characteristics we analyze in detail in this article.

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Like all the company's products, at first glance, this hydropulser stands out for its apparent value for money.

To see if the premise is fulfilled we will see the full specifications, the advantages it offers, opinions of users who have bought it and compare it to other similarly priced models.

Pay attention, because in the Disadvantages section we mentioned a problem with the spare parts that is a major impediment to opt for this device.

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Nevadent Highlights

As always, we start by looking at the most important features offered by the hydropulser and the benefits they provide to the end user:

  • 3 Pressure Levels up to 38 PSI
  • 2 Heads included
  • 1330 Pulses per minute
  • 130 millilitre tank
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery 800 mAh
  • Charge Indicator
  • Charging base with area for two nozzles
  • 3 Year Warranty

It is worth mentioning that the information provided by the manufacturer is somewhat sparseIt does not indicate if the heads are rotating, if it has some kind of water resistance or the approximate autonomy, for example.

Main Advantages

  • The possibility of regulating the pressure in three levels ensures an adequate adaptation to the needs of each user, avoiding possible discomfort in case of overly sensitive gums.
  • Its two interchangeable heads allow the handpiece to be used by two family members.
  • With the charging base you don't need to worry about charging it and is always ready to use after every brushing.
  • The lithium battery avoids the memory effect and ensures a longer service life.
  • The cordless design with built-in battery and tank make it perfect for small bathrooms or for travel.

Irrigator Type and Design

Lidl's Oral Irrigator is a cordless model with ergonomic design and compact dimensions, ideal for transporting away from home or for small spaces. It is available in a combination of white and blue color very popular in this type of devices and its dimensions and weight are:

  • Irrigator dimensions: approx. 7.55 x 5.8 x 19.72 cm (7.55 x 5.8 x 19.72 cm)
  • Dimensions Charging station: approx. 9.11 x 8.54 x 3.85 cm (3.85 x 8.54 x 3.85 cm)
  • Hydropulser weight: approx. 249 g
  • Weight Charging station: approx. 165 g

Price Dental Irrigator Lidl

The irrigator from the German supermarket costs around 25 Euros, so it is cheaper than the specialized brands such as Oral-B or Waterpik. Anyway, there are models with similar prices that offer better features and more the ones we leave you in the table:

Comparison Table

The best Portable Oral Irrigator... Portable Oral Irrigator... No ratings yet 29,06 €
Quality Price Portable Oral Irrigator,... Portable Oral Irrigator,... No ratings yet 37,99 €
Our favourite Professional Dental Irrigator... Professional Dental Irrigator... No ratings yet 31,44 €
Portable Oral Irrigator with... Portable Oral Irrigator with... No ratings yet 39,99 €
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
29,06 €
37,99 €
31,44 €
39,99 €

Accessories included with this Oral Irrigator

This model is not exactly known for its accessories, as it only includes the following:

  • 2 Standard Nozzles
  • Recharge Base

Where to Buy the Nevadent Irrigator

Logically this irrigator can be bought in the Lidl supermarket, the problem is that not available all year roundas is usual with many of the German company's products.

You can also buy it online from this link and receive it at home:

Disadvantages of this hydropulser

  • Very low maximum pressure compared to most competitive products.
  • The water tank is a bit small, so it is insufficient to perform a complete dental cleaning with a single filling.
  • No spare parts available for nozzleswhich should be changed after approximately three months.

Most Popular Alternatives

Buyer Feedback

Although there are some complaints about the lack of pressure or product failures, they are the fewest. In general, the users who have purchased the irrigator rate it positively and they are satisfied with its effectiveness when it comes to removing debris that remains after brushing your teeth. Although they are in German, you can see the comments from these buyers here.

If you've come this far, you're still not sure. How much do you want to spend on your new dental irrigator?


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36 thoughts on “Lidl Nevadent sin Cable”

    • Hi Juan Antonio. We do not know if they have SAT. If it is less than two years old we would claim in a Lidl store with the invoice. Regards

  1. I've had it for a year and so far I haven't had any problems. It's true that I haven't tried to look for spare parts, as the nozzles are plastic and don't have the same wear as a toothbrush, so I haven't thought it necessary. As for the power, I use it at the minimum recommended by my dentist (because of my gum problems) and it cleans perfectly.

  2. If there are spare parts see:

  3. I've had three. And it's not because I love it. The first one broke after a week and I returned it. The second one when I got home I saw that it was used (and obviously I returned it too). And the third one doesn't pour water at all, so tomorrow I'm going to return it. I'm not wasting any more time.

  4. I have to say that I have tried 8 units and only one has worked for me. It just doesn't pour water even if you keep it charging it all night. So I don't waste any more time on this device.

    • Hi Manuel, it is curious that so many fail. You may have missed something in the mode of use, such as removing a seal or you have it tilted too much. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I have had the irrigator for a week, it worked fine. Last night I saw that the green light was fixed on, the green not the red, and yet I left it on the charger all night, still not working. on Monday I will return it and change it, Lastima xq cleans very well. that annoying.

  6. Can you give me the code for this product? Mine has broken down and at at.cliente they ask me for it and I can't find it anywhere. I think they should have it, right?

    • Hello, I would like to comment that in Spain the invoice is enough for the seller to have to comply with the mandatory two-year warranty. Although sometimes they send you to the sat or the brand, the legal responsibility is the seller who appears on the invoice. The code is probably NMD 3.7 B2, although there are several different ones. Good luck

  7. Hi, I am happy with it. The only problem I have is that the mouthpiece my partner was using has broken. No one knows how to get replacements.
    Thank you very much

    • Hello, in one of the comments have left a link to a German store that sells them. Good luck

  8. I just bought it and no water comes out. I'll leave it charging overnight and if it doesn't work tomorrow I'm returning it. What a disappointment.

  9. I'm already on my second device and it's not working properly either. I am returning it today. Very disappointed because it fulfills the cleaning function well.

  10. I have been using this irrigator for about a year and a half and so far it has been great, it cleans very well. The problem is that I was left running without being able to stop it, I had to wait a long time until the battery was completely discharged. Another problem is that I don't have the purchase invoice, I don't know if I can change it or repair it without this requirement. Lidl is the only one that sells this product, right?.... Tell me something. Thank you very much in advance!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Pablo. Without an invoice it is complicated, but you can always try your luck. In this link they also sell the same irrigator, although there are models with better results and opinions:

  11. I use it several times a day, I'm doing very well, the only thing I can complain about is that it lacks a little pressure, I previously had another non-portable waterpik that had much more, but for the price we can not complain.

  12. Hello, I've been 6 months with him and very well until today q does not work for me, it makes noise but no water comes out, where can I take it to q I fix it? Does anyone know. Thank you.

    • The purchase invoice is the warranty and must be taken care of at the place of purchase by law. Greetings

  13. Hi, I've been using it for a year and a bit at maximum pressure (which is not too much for me either) without any problems so far. I have it always connected to the light and deposited on its base, so I can not comment on the battery life. I only have a 130ml tank which runs out soon but I fill it from the tap with warm water and in 2 " it's ready again.
    For me, the right size for my bathroom and good price/quality.
    Looking for one of this brand or similar adaptable to the faucet I entered this website
    Any recommendations?
    Thank you and greetings

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. In tap models there is not much, the most prominent is the silon it that we mention on the main page of our website. Regards

  14. Good morning, I want to buy one and I don't see it in the store, when will you have it? Thanks

    • Hi Marta. We are not sellers and do not know when they go on sale. You have several models with similar prices. Regards

  15. We just bought it at Lidl. The first load of water takes about a minute to come out, we thought it wasn't working. But so far so good.

  16. At first I was very happy with the operation, but after a month of having it. One day when I was in the living room I heard a noise from an electrical appliance and it was the irrigator running in jumps by itself and after that it didn't work. I put it on charge, the green charging light stayed on and it still doesn't work. We are with the confinement of COVID and how do I protest or claim? And what is worse ... The ticket as it was a large find purchase, I do not have it. Warranty 3 years says.. But without the ticket they will give me... From what I've read from other users, it must be the potato of the century.

  17. Good morning. We have problems with the operation of the irrigator. It tells us that the battery has been charged with a green light, but when we fill the tank with water and leave it to start, it doesn't work. What can we do? Thank you

  18. Hi! I am a teacher of Oral Hygiene and I teach Oral Intervention. I bought it to show my students how to use it and as an alternative to dental floss. There are many more expensive products on the market but for what you need this one is enough. It is working well for me, although yes, the tank is very small, but for being portable it is more comfortable, you fill it easily in 3 seconds, it is 3 fillings per session. The other drawback, which is in almost all irrigators is, is that it gets the bathroom lost. Solution, make it in front of the shower and problem solved. I recommend it. Greetings!!!


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