Oral B Refills

It is advisable to always buy original Braun Oral-B spare parts to ensure proper operation and the best results in your oral hygiene. The brand markets different spare parts such as hoses, tanks, nozzles, brushes, etc... Spare parts Irrigator To maintain the effectiveness of your Oral B oral irrigator we recommend you to change the nozzles in the recommended time limits by

Oral B Waterjet Irrigator

We present you another Oral-B Irrigatorwhich are developed with technology Braun. This is the model Waterjet MD16, a simple but efficient device that stands out for its two types of jetThe first one is normal and the second one is specific for the care of sensitive gums.

Next we analyze its main features and price, so that you can evaluate your advantages and disadvantages and compare them with similar products within the same brand or in the competition. Join us!

Oral B Oxyjet Irrigator

This time we are talking about a Braun Oral-B Irrigatorwhich stands out for having a cleaning system that combines a jet of pressurized water with purified air, which makes the equipment an excellent cleaning system. excellent choice for people with sensitive gums.

We will make an analysis of your main features, advantages and price, and we'll show you why this model is one of the best selling hydro boosters - don't miss it!