Waterpik Electric Brushes

Choose the Waterpik brush that best suits your needs and budget. The brand has two models, the SR-3000 Sensonic and the AT-50 Nano Sonic. Discover here the most outstanding features and the best price online you can buy. If you have a branded irrigator, they can be the ideal complement for a complete oral hygiene.

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Waterpik SR 3000 Sensonic Professional Plus

Discover the toothbrush Waterpik SR 3000 Sensonic Professional Plus. Thanks to the latest generation of sonic technology, a higher speed of the brush head is achieved. In addition, due to its design with extra soft and rounded bristles, reaches hard-to-reach areas between teeth, gently and effectively removing plaque.

This model has a ergonomic design and all the accessories you need for excellent brushing every day.

Outstanding Features:

  • 3050 beats per minute
  • Two speed regulator on the handle
  • 2min timer with 30 second intervals
  • Inductive rechargeable battery
  • Charging indicator
  • 3 Heads Included
  • 2 years warranty

Waterpik SR-3000 Brush Price

Spare parts included:

  • 3 Toothbrush heads
  • Travel case for the toothbrush
  • Head covers

Waterpik Sensonic Buyer Reviews

"I tried a different brand and was disappointed. I returned it and then bought the Waterpik SR3000 and am very pleased. I like the handle, the charging stand and the LED lights for the battery level. I wish they sold a tongue brush."

"Best toothbrush ever. I just had a checkup after six months and for the first time in my life, I had absolutely NO plaque! Even the dentist couldn't believe it."

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Waterpik AT-50 Nano-Sonic Brush

Discover the toothbrush Waterpik AT-50 Nano-Sonic at an irresistible price. A model simple but effective, with a compact design ideal to take anywhere. If you are looking for a cheap, functional and practical electric toothbrush, read on.

Outstanding Features:

  • 1600 beats per minute
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Replaceable AAA battery
  • 1 Head included
  • 2 years warranty

Price Waterpik AT-50

Spare parts included:

  • 1 Toothbrush head
  • 1 Triple A battery

Buyer Reviews Waterpik Nano Sonic

"This low priced, replaceable battery sonic toothbrush is quite effective while being gentle on your gums. It's good for business trips or vacations because you don't have to carry a charger. The brush head is easily replaceable."

"I liked its compact size, as it fits in the ordinary toothbrush holder and is powerful enough to do a good cleaning."

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