Cyber Monday

Have you ever put a price on your mouth? The truth is that with it you feed yourself, besides, the good one. oral-dental health also interferes with other aspects of your health and aesthetics. If you want to buy a good dental irrigator to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you can take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals to get one.

That way you will have a tool to keep your mouth healthy, you will save money and, more importantly, you can avoid the huge financial investment in dentists when something goes wrong, which is not very pleasant in this day and age?

Cyber Monday Deals on Dental Irrigators

Cyber Monday deals on toothbrushes

What is Cyber Monday

Cyber MondayCyber Monday, or Cyber Monday, is a very marked day in e-commerce. Online stores pull out all the stops with incredible offers to capture the attention of their potential customers. Therefore, it is the best time to hunt for the best online bargains, such as buying irrigators and other dental products at succulent prices.

Cyber Monday began as an opportunity to promote online commerce. Although now the web shops are the preferred option for many customers, there was a time when they did not have the upper hand in terms of sales. That's why it was decided to create this day to capture people's attention.

That was 28 November 2005The success was such that since then they have not stopped celebrating this Cyber Monday with a multitude of offers.

When Cyber Monday 2021 takes place

The Cyber Monday comes right on the Monday after Black Friday. That is, on the Monday immediately following the fourth Friday in November. That is marked because of the day chosen to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, which is the fourth month of November. The next day is Black Friday, and the following Monday is the date chosen for this Cyber Monday....

If we carry that forward to 2021, this year's Cyber Monday would be the Monday 30th November. Save that date in your diary and go hunting for the best online bargains. The amount of money you can save is really impressive...

Why Cyber Monday is a good time to buy an irrigator or electric toothbrush

If you need get a dental irrigatorIf you're looking for a new model, you should know that some of these models can have prices that can range from 50 to 100 ‚ā¨ in some advanced models. But, thanks to the Cyber Monday discounts, you can buy one of these with discounts applied that can go from 20% in some cases, to others above 35%...

These offers are a second opportunity if you have not been able to get it on Black Friday, allowing you to save a good proportion of money that you could save, allocate to another dental health product, or simply invest it in another whim that you feel like this day...

Also, if you plan to give an irrigator as a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas, you have to know that you will not find sales as important as this one during the rest of the year. And the best thing, being November, you will not have delays in shipments as it usually happens when it is done at the last minute.

Remember that this year could be especially chaotic in that regard, as online sales are estimated to grow by 89% due to the pandemic. That coupled with coronavirus restrictions could cause delivery delays to grow longer and longer as the holidays approach. Cyber Monday can get you out of that predicament by shopping in advance.

What oral health products can you buy on Cyber Monday?

Take advantage of Cyber Monday to get your hands on a good kit of utensils for your dental healthyour mouth will thank you and that will also be represented in a lower frequency of visits to the dentist...

  • IrrigatorDental irrigators allow you to reach where other tools can't, like toothbrushes. Thanks to the pressurised water jets they project, they can get rid of the dreaded plaque, food debris between the teeth or on the edges of the gums, and also the proliferation of certain bacteria that feed on food debris. All in all, a cleaner mouth and stronger gums thanks to Cyber Monday deals.
  • Electric toothbrushWith this type of brush you can keep your mouth clean with greater comfort than with a manual toothbrush. In addition, due to its rotations and high frequency vibrations you can clean your teeth, tongue and gums in a much more effective way than with a manual one. Switch to brushes 2.0 and take advantage of the Cyber Monday offers.
  • Dental Health ProductsIn Cyber Monday you will not only find offers of brushes and irrigators, there are also mouthwashes, dental floss, toothpastes, and other products for your oral hygiene with significant discounts. Everything your mouth needs at prices like you've never seen before...

Oral care brands offering Cyber Monday deals

cyber monday irrigators

Finally, you can find a good selection of makes and models with significant discounts for Cyber Monday. Among all of them we have to highlight:

  • Oral-Bis an American company owned by Procter & Gamble. A giant dedicated to the health of the mouth and a world leader thanks to the good results of their brushes, irrigators, toothpastes, etc.. All oriented to dental health and hygiene and with years of experience to obtain the best results.
  • WaterpikA great alternative to the previous one, with worldwide recognition for its technology and innovation, quality and performance. This brand is one of the best in terms of dental irrigation and other products for the care of your mouth.
  • PhilipsThe European technology company is one of the world leaders in technology. What few people know is that it is also in the healthcare sector, providing machines and devices to this sector, so it can use its experience in this sector to offer you personal care products with unparalleled quality, innovation, results, and under the strictest safety standards.
  • XiaomiThe Chinese company also offers small appliances and devices for personal care and dental hygiene, such as its irrigators and electric toothbrushes under the Mijia brand. The tech giant offers one of the best quality/price ratios you can find, in addition to a quite striking technology and smart design.

If you've come this far, you're still not sure. How much do you want to spend on your new dental irrigator?


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