Waterpik Original Spare Parts

We recommend that you always buy original spare parts Waterpik to ensure the best performance and results in your oral hygiene. The brand has a large catalogue of spare parts such as hoses, tanks, nozzles, brushes and much more.

To maintaining efficiency of your waterpik it is advisable to perform the change nozzles within the manufacturer's recommended intervals. In each section you will find all the information about these deadlines.


The standard and lingual mouthpieces are recommended to be replaced every six months. due to the risk of mineral accumulation from the water. The rest of the nozzles should be replaced every three months. by the deterioration of the sows.

JT-100E Standard Irrigator Nozzles
  • WATERPIK Dental Care Kits
  • Children's Dental Care Kit Oral Care Women
  • (0073950102018)

PP-100E Pik pocket mouthpieces for periodontal areas
  • Dimensions: 7,9 x 17,2 x 1,5 cm
  • Contains a package
  • Refill the pik tip pocket.

PS-100E Plaque seeke Mouthpiece special implants and crowns
  • WATERPIK Dental Care Kits
  • Children's Dental Care Kit Oral Care Women
  • (1073950122350)

TS-100E Travel Box with Nozzles
  • Travel case for Waterpik Water Flosser Jet Tips
  • Hard travel hard case for easy storage and...
  • Includes 2 classic tips

JT-450E Replacement Nozzle WP450
  • Dimensions: 7,9 x 17,2 x 1,5 cm
  • Contains a package
  • Standard cannula load.

OD-100E Special orthodontic mouthpieces
  • Replacement Othodontic Tips for Waterpik WP450 or WP100
  • Remove plaque from all orthodontic appliances.
  • Contains two color-coded tips

TC-100E Lingual Mouthpiece for Irrigator
  • Tongue Replacement tips cleaner tips for the Waterpik WP...
  • Eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Contains two color-coded tips


Due to the operation with pressurized water and continuous movement during use, hoses are one of the elements with more risk of breakage. The good news is that they have spare parts so you don't have to replace the entire device.

Hose with handle for Waterpik WP660
268 Reviews
Hose with handle for Waterpik WP660
  • ✅ Hose assembly kit / spare handle / spare handle kit / spare...
  • ✅ Standard repair kit compatible with Waterpik...
  • ✅ When the original hose / handle is cracked or...


The bristles of toothbrushes separate with use, losing cleaning efficiency. The brand recommends changing the heads every three months.

SRRB toothbrush heads sensonic toothbrushes
360 Reviews
SRRB toothbrush heads sensonic toothbrushes
  • The advanced design of the brush head eliminates the...
  • Provides efficient cleaning and plaque removal for...
  • Fits the Waterpik Sensonic Professional Brush

Waterpik nano sonic toothbrush heads
  • The best products for personal care and health.


Waterpik also has cases, travel bags and tanks among its accessories and spare parts.

Tablets for the whitening mouth irrigator
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Tablets for the whitening mouth irrigator
  • 1 bottle with 30 whitening tablets
  • For use with the Waterpik whitening oral irrigator....
  • Removes stains from the most difficult areas of...

Wall bracket Wp100
3 Reviews
Wall bracket Wp100
  • Waterpik Ultra WP100 Dental Jet Wall Mount.
  • Supplied with plugs and screws.
  • High quality acrylic white.

Case for Wp-450
85 Reviews
Case for Wp-450
  • hermitsell Brand New Carrying Case
  • EVA semi-rigid water registant waterproof iPega Carrying Case
  • Designed to fit the Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless...

TP300 Travel Bag for irrigator WP300
  • Elastic straps for accessory storage
  • It has a handle of resistant material on the lid
  • Cover with full zipper

Waterpik Power Flosser FLW-220...
  • Waterpik Waterpik Power Flosser Fla-220
  • FLA-220 each

Waterpik Water tank blue...
  • Waterpik WP 100" Replacement Tank for Waterpik WP Oral Irrigator
  • Sky-blue water reservoir with lid
  • Capacity: 600 ml


Waterpik WP 100 Ultra

Waterpik Toothbrush


- Can several people use the same irrigator?

All family members can use the same irrigator. Each user must use their own mouthpieces, which can be different colors for easy identification.

- How do I change the nozzles?

Each irrigator has a button to release the tip and remove it. When inserting a new nozzle you must make sure it does not drip.

- How do I clean the nozzles?

To keep the nozzles clean, simply soak them in vinegar water for five minutes and then rinse them with warm water.

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