Prime Day 2021

One more year, Amazon surprises with offers in its Prime Day and how could it be otherwise, we find very interesting offers on oral health.

In this edition, you will find offers to buy irrigators and electric toothbrushes cheaper. Below you will find the list of offers that are available:

Prime Day is over now. Check back here in 2022 to discover the best discounts on irrigators for Amazon Prime members.

Best deals on irrigators on Prime Day

In a nutshell, a dental irrigator is a like a "Kärcher" that we will use to clean our teeth.. Like pressure washers, a dental irrigator is a device that will deep clean our teeth and between them, for which it will use jets of water like those that our dentist can use. As time goes by, they are becoming more and more popular among those who want to have perfectly clean teeth, although it is recommended to use other systems as well, such as a toothbrush, so that the cleaning is as perfect as possible.

Bearing in mind that they are devices that more are being sought after with each passing dayIf you're looking for a great deal during Amazon Prime Day, you're bound to find a lot of deals, and some of them will be impossible to turn down.

Best deals on toothbrushes on Prime Day

Electric toothbrushes have been in use for a long time and have been used for many years. offer very good results. When we are small, or at least it was like that years ago, we were taught that the teeth were cleaned by rubbing hard from side to side, but that should not be so; you have to clean them carefully and from the gum out, to remove all the debris that is between the teeth without damaging them or the gums on which they are fixed.

The problem of not knowing how to clean your teeth with a manual toothbrush disappears if you use an electric toothbrush. These are not elongated toothbrushes, but rather brushes with round heads with enough size to focus on a single tooth. All we have to do is simply put the head on one tooth at a time and let it do the magic. These heads are replaceable.

As we have explained, electric toothbrushes have been around for a long time, so we we can find many different options. And during Prime Day we'll find them discounted, so it's worth buying them at Amazon's event for its premium customers.

Best deals on OralB on Prime Day

OralB is one of the most recognized brands in the world of dental health and therefore, on Amazon Prime Day we find a wide range of offers so you can take care of your mouth and show off your smile.

Best deals on dental health products on Prime Day

Amazon is a store that offers all kinds of items. Basically, you'll find anything that can be shipped, including clothing, tools, electronics and hygiene products. Taking into account that the dental health is related to hygiene, it should not be surprising if we also find items for the health of our teeth, and during Prime Day we will find them discounted.

And what can we find? Well, there's even toothpasteso the question should be what we can not find. Of course, the best offers in terms of this type of items will be found in packs of products, such as several tubes of toothpaste or boxes of dental floss.

What is Prime Day

There are many of us who started shopping online some time ago and, when we found Amazon, we hardly want to buy from any other store. Amazon is the most important online store in the world and in it we can find almost any item that can be sent. We can buy without an account, but the best thing to do is to register and, if we want to enjoy special conditions and services, subscribe to Prime for 36€/year and also take advantage of the fact that we can access the Prime Video catalogue. In addition, we will also receive better support and some shipments will arrive in just 24 hours.

Having explained a bit what Amazon is (was it necessary?) and its Prime, Prime Day is an annual event that the company holds for customers who are subscribed to its Premium service, the name it received until a few years ago. At the event we will find thousands of your discounted productsas we can find on days such as the Black Friday or the Cyber Mondaybut with the main difference being that Prime Day deals are only available to subscribers.

Basically, Prime Day is a sale day that Amazon offers to its Prime customers.

When Prime day 2021 takes place

Although we just mentioned "Day" to refer to Prime Day, what it really is is an event, and it doesn't just last 24 hours. The event, at least in recent years, has a duration of two daysIn them we can find offers with discounts with a percentage that will vary depending on the article, brand and model that interests us.

In 2021, Prime Day will be celebrated on 21 and 22 June. Users who are subscribed to the service have to mark on the calendar those two days because we could find an offer that interests us. In principle, non-Prime users should not take into account these days, but it is not superfluous to do so. You can not rule out the possibility that they offer an offer with a discount of more than 36€ and it is worth subscribing just to buy that item cheaper and, incidentally, try the other benefits of Prime for a whole year.

Why it's a good opportunity to buy an irrigator or toothbrush on Prime Day

prime day irrigators

Well, I guess asking why it's a good opportunity to take advantage of a sale event to buy an item is a little strange. The answer is simply that we will pay less. However, if you are wondering if you are going to lose something by paying less, the answer is no. Everything we buy for a reduced price on Prime Day will have the same Amazon guarantees that we get during the rest of the year, and among them we have the best customer service and after-sales service. In fact, one of the advantages of being Prime on Amazon is that the deal is even better while we are subscribed.

How much less we will pay is and will be an unknown until the moment when Amazon starts to show the offers. Among the discounted items, there will be some with a very low percentage discount, but in other cases we can find discounts that we will find hard to believe.

In addition, we are not facing a sale like the change of season in clothing, which are a few days that stores want to take advantage of to remove all the stock and even sell some clothes with some failure or balance; what we will find on Prime Day is the same as we can find during the rest of the year.that is to say, first hand products in perfect condition that out of promotion will recover their original price.

Having explained the above, Prime Day is a good time to buy on Amazon if we are Prime customers of the store, whatever it is we're looking for. And if what we want is a dental irrigator, which are increasingly being used more and more, we are likely to find a quality one for a price that will make our day.

If you've come this far, you're still not sure. How much do you want to spend on your new dental irrigator?


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