How to Clean an Oral Irrigator and Avoid AVERIES

Water contains minerals that tend to accumulate in the ducts and reservoirs of the water system. oral irrigator. Therefore, we need maintain and clean it periodicallyThis prevents a reduction in efficiency or failure.

Every one to three months at the most, you should follow these simple steps to keep it clean and performing optimally.

cleaning dental irrigator

What materials do you need to clean it?

To perform the cleaning you will need water, vinegar, dishwashing soap, and a sponge. With a dishwasher instead of a sponge and soap it would be easier, but it is not essential.

This is enough to properly disinfect your hydropulser.

Cleaning the hydro impeller step by step

As soon as you have the material, all you need to do is four easy steps to get a proper cleaning of your hydro impeller.

Clean the Dental Irrigator Reservoir

clean dental irrigator reservoir

Following the manufacturer's instructions disassemble the water tank of the irrigator. If your model has remove the valve and clean it by rubbing it with your hands under running water..

When you have removed the tank can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.. If you don't have a dishwasher you will have to use the sponge with the soap.

Cleans the Internal Parts of the Device

oral irrigator cleaning

Fill the tank with a mixture of 2 to 4 tablespoons of white vinegar with half a liter of tap water. Then start it up and do it run until you are halfway through of the mixture and switch off the appliance.

Then you should leave it with the hose in the sink draining for a few minutes. 20 minutes for the solution to take effect in the interior.

Then you must turn on the irrigator to empty the rest of the mixture and then rinse it. by passing a full tank of lukewarm water through it.

Cleaning the nozzles

To clean your heads you only have to soak them for five minutes in white vinegar and then rinse it with warm water in the irrigator itself. We recommend the change of nozzles every 3/6 months to prevent them from clogging and worsening the performance of your device.

Handle Cleaning

clean irrigator handle waterpik

The handle is cleaned in exactly the same way as the nozzles: 5 minutes soak in vinegar and rinse with water.

Conclusions and Maintenance Video

Keeping your irrigator clean and at peak performance for many years to come takes very little time and is very simple. We recommend you to do it always taking into account the instructions of each manufacturer, for specific recommendations for each model.

Step by step video:

If you still have doubts you can see the process in this video in Spanish 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Como Limpiar un Irrigador Bucal y Evitar AVERIAS”

  1. I have two waterpik waterflosser irrigators and both of them are broken, one of them the hose crystallized and broke and the other one the motor makes noise but no water comes out. What can I do?

  2. Hi I have an oral B oxyjet and it has accumulated mold in the filter that has the glass.
    I can't find any tutorial to disassemble and clean it, is it possible to do it?

    • Hello, without more data is complicated. The most normal thing is usually the gasket of the tank or a deteriorated or badly connected pipe. Regards

  3. My dental irrigator is an Oral b Braun Type 4715. it has a part called an air filter. I assume this is a filter, can it be removed for cleaning? If so, how? And also, how do I remove the valve from the bowl for cleaning? Thanks

    • Hi Mercedes. It's been a few months since we tested the oxyjet but I think I remember that the filter could not be disassembled. Anyway you can contact the brand in the mail on their website, in a few days usually answer questions. Regards

  4. Hello good morning, my irrigator has suddenly stopped working.
    You plug it in and it won't turn on.

    • Hi Alexia. Little we can tell you without knowing type, model, etc.. If it does not turn on or the motor broke down or the voltage does not reach the switch, adapter or battery failure. It is advisable to contact the seller if it is less than two years old and the SAT if it is older. Good luck


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